​CISD assists all Ministries and Departments in developing and maintaining their websites. Once a website has been created, the services of a webmaster is provided to ensure regular updates. Very often the webmaster is also the DBA who is posted in the Ministry/Department. To ensure continuity in case a webmaster is on leave, a team at the CISD has been set up to act as facilitator. In many instances, the same person acts as the DBA and the webmaster. There is a total of 55 webmasters for over 170 websites in the Public Service.

Users will be informed of updates within two working days after reception of updates and access granted on website.

All Government websites are accessible at https://www.govmu.org.

Requests for the creation of new websites are normally done through official letters.

Moreover, the following services are also provided by CISD:

  • Design of new and event based website
  • Training of all webmasters
  • Provide assistance to all webmasters
  • Advise users in Ministries/Departments to enhance existing website