Computer Support Officers are mainly responsible for the smooth running of computer equipment in Ministries and Departments. They provide technical support, commissioning of IT equipment, provide a Central Backup Service and provision of data capture services.

  • Technical support

    Technical support includes software installation, virus protection and troubleshooting activities. Most computer support officers are posted in Ministries and Departments. A team is also posted at the CISD and they intervene within 48 hours after request.

  • Commissioning

    The computer Support officers undertake commissioning of computer equipment in Ministries and Departments. Commissioning report is submitted within 5 working days after request has been made to CISD

    Ministry/Department responsibility:

    • Ensure that all technical specifications are submitted to CISD
    • Ensure that equipment has been received

  • Provision of Central Backup Service

    There is also a central Backup Service for electronic media (e.g. tape, CD, external hard disk …) offsite. This service is available for safe keeping of data of all Ministries/Departments upon request

    Ministry/Department responsibility:

    • Ensure that your backup are interchanged regularly