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Central Information Systems Division (under the aegis of The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation)


Application Development
Platform: Oracle and Windows 
Development of Stand Alone, Multi-User and Web based Application Systems
Development and Maintenance of Government Websites
Platform: Adobe CS6 and Microsoft SharePoint
Database, System and Network Administration in Information Services Section (ISS) units of Ministries/Departments:
- Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
- Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security (P.Louis & Reduit)
- Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
- Central Informatics Bureau
- Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions (Contributions, Benefits and Local Office Systems)
- Ministry of Health & Quality of Life (HQ, Jawahalall Nehru Hospital & Candos Laboratory, Medi-Clinics)
- Supreme Court (Digital Court Recording System, Video Conferencing System)
- The Treasury
- Companies Division
- Ministry of Housing and Lands
- Data Protection Office
- Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
- Statistics Mauritius
- Registrar General Department
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Regional Cooperation
- Prime Minister's Office (Home Affairs Division)
- Pay Research Bureau
- Ministry for Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
- Ministry of Youth and Sports
- National Transport Authority
- Cabinet Office
- Civil Status Division
- Public & Disciplined Forces Service Commissions
- Local Government Service Commission
- Attorney General's Office
Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment - Work Permit Unit
Ministry of Social Integration
Valuation Office
National Archives
Ministry of Environment
National Assembly
- Electoral Commissioner’s Office
- Office of the Director of Public Prosecution 
Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping 
Government Email Services
- Administration and General Maintenance
Administration & Maintenance of Government Intranet System (GINS)
- Troubleshooting of GINS
- Monitoring of Communication Lines
Oracle Technical Support (OTS)
- First level troubleshooting on Oracle and Microsoft based platforms
- Installation of Oracle RDBMS
Data Capture Operations
- Public & Disciplined Forces Service Commissions
Technical Support 
- First level technical support on computer hardware and computer system. 
- Responsible for software installation, virus protection, etc...
- Commissioning of computer equipment.
- Provision of Central Backup Service for Ministries and Departments.
- Help Desk (211-2480) for any ICT related problem within Ministries and Departments.