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Central Information Systems Division (under the aegis of The Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation)


Computerisation prior to the 70’s
Cash Registers (mostly NCR) in Government Cash Offices. Limited capability: simple arithmetic operations and multi-level totaling. No record-keeping facilities.
Accounting Machines (mostly NCR) with record keeping on magnetic Ledger Cards. Recording on magnetic stripe at back of card.
Electromechanical Tabulator and Sorter used by Central Statistics Office for Statistical analysis (particularly for 1962 census). Data was punched onto 80-column cards.
Creation of the Data Processing Division(DPD) under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance to act as a Centralized Service Bureau for the Civil Service, Parastatal Bodies and Local Authorities.
First Equipment:
ICL901A computer with about 32 KB of Memory
1 Card-Reader (900 character per minute)
1 Line-Printer (600 line per minute)
4 Tape Drives (7-track)
First Applications:
Government Payroll (for monthly-paid officers)
Government Pension
Population Census
Analysis of Imports and Exports
Statistics systems such as Hospital in-patients
Consumer Price Index
Incoming/Outgoing Passenger Air Traffic
Income Tax and Employment.
Change of Mainframe Equipment- Two ICL ME29 computers with multi-processing, transaction processing and printer spooling features replaced the existing hardware.
Switch from the traditional COBOL Environment to UNIX/ORACLE
From its creation up to 1993, about 70 complete application systems have been developed and implemented at the CISD.
Gradually, the CISD has decentralised its operations. Application systems which were processed for Central Government and parastatal bodies are now being run in-house by the respective users.
In order to keep pace with the changing trends in the Information Technology arena, the DPD was restructured and eventually renamed the Central Information Systems Division.
The CISD moves under the aegis of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.
Maintenance of the Government Email Services.
Development and maintenance of the Government websites.
Award of MS ISO 9001:2000 certification to the Operations section.
Redesigning of Government Portal - Vignette Software
Implementation of Government Intranet System
Award of MS ISO 9001:2008 certification to the Operations section.
Revamping of Government Portal -Microsoft SharePoint  
Revamping of Government Email Services